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We use innovative and creative therapy in a fun, high-energy environment to remove all limits, turning disability into possibility.

We offer a unique therapy experience, providing Pediatric physical therapy in an aquatic setting, with elements of occupational therapy and speech language development for a more holistic approach.

Transforming lives step by step

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We take your child to the next level and beyond

Parents tell us they feel overwhelmed, never really feeling seen, heard, or getting the answers they need to help their child grow.

As a parent of a child with developmental challenges, we understand the obstacles you face, and we’re here to empower you and your child to overcome them.

We don’t put anyone in a box. We treat your child as the individual they are, getting to know your unique needs and challenges to create a tailor-made treatment plan.

We’ll work alongside you to give your child the skills, confidence and inspiration they need to push past their limits and reach their goals, no matter how big or small.

Our children see massive progress during their time with us, developing or improving cognitive, physical and motor functions so they can enjoy more freedom and independence, boosting their confidence and self-esteem, but it doesn’t stop there. We engage your child with fun therapy activities you can continue at home.

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Want to try out some of our therapy activities?

Get various fun activities that can be adapted for your child's current ability and goals, plus your $400 welcome discount.

Disability into


Disability into possibility


Why use aquatic therapy?

With the water supporting your child’s body weight, they can enjoy a sense of freedom and move in ways that just aren’t possible on land. We use fun, playful exercises to make the work feel easy, so development happens naturally, building strength, coordination, endurance, balance, range of motion and more.

Learning to control breathing in aquatic therapy is also massively beneficial in helping your child improve breath control on land and for speech development.

A young girl taking steps supported by the water, holding onto a pool float guided by her therapist


Land-based therapy

We include one land-based therapy session each day to continue building on the progress we’re making in the pool and develop more skills, keeping your child focused and engaged with various games and activities which make the therapy fun.

These may take place inside our shared therapy room or outside around the facility, depending on your child’s abilities and needs.

Want to try out some of our activities? Sign up and we’ll send fun activities to help your child develop their skills, whatever their current level of ability. 

A unique therapy experience

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Dive into our most commonly asked questions

Your therapy week will be personalized to suit your child’s needs, abilities, and goals, spanning 5 days from Monday to Friday with 2 aquatic therapy and 1 land-based therapy session each day.

On the first day, you’ll have a meet and greet where we get to know you and your child a little better, talking about your goals as a parent and your child’s hopes, dreams and goals for themselves. We then dive into our first sessions to kick off the week.

Although the weeks are intensive, we also make them fun and create a relaxed environment so your child can feel comfortable and fully engage in each session, getting the most out of our time together. When therapy feels like a game, it’s more motivating, and the development happens more naturally. We often find our children don’t want to go home!

We also welcome you as a parent to ask questions and give you the knowledge you need to keep making even more progress back home.

The fee for your week includes all sessions, planning, access to therapists, pre- and post-visit contact, access to the training facilities (for your child only) during our sessions, and additional time to allow for changing.

Once you’ve made your booking, we’ll ask you to fill in a form giving us a good overview of your child’s current abilities, needs and goals so we can assign the therapist who’ll be the best fit.

We do this early on to help us plan our team schedule, so you have access to the right therapist or therapists at the right time.

8 weeks before your program, we begin the more in-depth planning. We’ll ask for more detailed information, covering all aspects of life from daily routines, information from consultants and about any existing therapy or programs you’re involved in, any carers you have, support requirements, and so on. We may also ask for reports from your home-based therapists or coaches to help us tailor make your program to target your specific needs at this moment in time.

Even if you’re a repeat client, we ask for this information, as your child’s abilities, needs and goals will change in-between visits. We want to make sure we know where he or she is now, and what milestone we’re working towards on our way to their big goals.

The team will all be involved in creating your program, bringing together our combined expertise, but one of our Paediatric therapists will take the lead for your week and be your main point of contact should you have any questions at all.

We have a range of equipment available to us, enabling us to adapt the sessions to suit each and every child we work with. This applies to both the aquatic and land-based therapy sessions. 

Yes, absolutely, all sessions are one-to-one, so your child has the therapist’s full attention during their time together. All our sessions are tailored to help your child develop their abilities and work towards the goals we’ve set together.

You’ll receive your final schedule one to two weeks before your week is due to start. Our weeks start on a Monday and run for 5 days, ending on Friday.

We’ll have a meet and greet on your first day, where we can get to know you and your child a little better, and talk more about your goals for the week and in general. We then dive into our first sessions, using them as an introduction to the week.

On each of the following days, you’ll have three sessions a day, two aquatic and one land-based therapy session.

The schedule is created to best fit all of the children we have on that week. If your child has special requirements, such as a feeding schedule or medication that must be taken at a specific time each day, we’ll work with you to accommodate that.

Please note we cannot accommodate nap times, only essential schedules like feeding and medication.

The first pool session each day is 45 minutes coupled with a 45 minute land-based session, although this may be adapted depending on goals and ability. There’s a break between giving you time to help your child change and give them a drink before we continue.

You’ll have a generous break before your third session of the day, which will be another 45 minutes in the pool.

There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants five minutes drive away if you want something more substantial during your longer break. 

See an example 1 day schedule >

Even though the minimum age to attend is 3, we expect your child to be able to manage the schedule and the sessions as per the examples.

Wherever possible, you’ll have the same therapist throughout your week with us. However, you may have one therapist for all your sessions or one for the land-based therapy and another for the aquatic therapy.

We allocate therapists best suited to your child’s needs and goals. That could mean that more than one team member will be involved in your therapy, to make sure your child gets the most out of each session.

During the week, we’ll explain everything we’re doing, giving you all the know-how and tools you need to continue making progress and pushing boundaries.

We’ll demonstrate fun therapy activities to continue using once you get back home. These are all created using easy-to-find equipment, from stores like Walmart, for a reasonable price.

If you have more questions once you’re home you can reach out to the lead therapist who’s been taking care of you and your program. We also love to get feedback on your progress, so we can join you in celebrating each milestone on the way to reaching your big goals.

It’s not unusual for a child to make more progress with us than they would in six to twelve months of conventional outpatient therapy. However, even though your child is likely to see a great improvement, making big changes to your child’s life will take time, patience and ongoing support.

We work closely with you, as well as any other therapists or consultants who may be supporting your child at home, to keep pushing to new levels of ability and beyond. We’ll give you activities and fun exercises to do when you go home, so you can reach your current goals.

When you come back for your next intensive therapy week, we’ll create a new treatment plan to help you push on to the next level, and the next, over time helping your child reach their full potential.

Many of our children love the aquatic therapy so much it turns into a real passion for swimming, which they continue with in their teenage years. 

The fee for our intensive therapy weeks is $2400 per week.

If you’re a resident of Florida state, you may be eligible to apply for the Florida Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities to subsidize the cost of your therapy weeks. 

The fee for the week includes all staffing, aquatic therapy and land-based therapy sessions, equipment, access to facilities for the child we’re working with during our sessions, all pre and post-communication, planning, research, and activities to continue on with when you return home.

Our methods can be adapted to help children with a wide range of neurological and developmental disorders, even where other professionals have been limited. We’re proud to have supported families and children with Cerebral Palsy, Dystrophies, down syndrome, ASD, and rare syndromes such as Mowat Wilson syndrome, PMS, 49XXXXY, stroke, cancer and meningitis.

We innovate to provide individualized treatment programs that inspire and empower your child to believe anything is possible and push past their limits, using a unique combination of aquatic and land-based therapy.

Our minimum age limit is 3 years old, however, we can support you before you join our week if your child is younger than this. Please contact us for more information.

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities supplies funding for students with disabilities to thrive in the state of Florida.

They can be used to help offset the cost of various programs, including therapies with approved centers like Swim Lab International.

If you qualify, you can access up to $7,200  a year to help subsidize your therapy weeks.

To see full details and find out more about the application process, visit

Yes, as from March 2024, we can provide a Super Bill at the end of your therapy week. It will be sent directly to you, please note we can’t adjust or amend Super Bills. 

Insurance companies will provide reimbursement according to your policy, the value of which is outside of our control.

Super Bills can be provided if you’re a US citizen with a booking which has been paid for in full, after completion of your therapy week as long as it was attended in full.

Your therapist will keep a record of all billing codes used within each session and provide you with a Super Bill upon completion of the week itself.

Swim Lab International Inc. will not deal directly with any insurance company once a Super Bill has been provided to you.

We can provide a Super Bill at the end of your therapy week. It will be sent directly to you, please note we can’t adjust or amend Super Bills. 

Insurance companies will provide reimbursement according to your policy, the value of which is outside of our control.

Super bills will be provided for all bookings delivered from March 2024 as requested. 

Our minimum age is 3 to attend the intensive training weeks, however, we can offer support before you come to us if your child is a little younger.

If you would like to find out more, please email us at:

There is a hoist at the side of each pool to help your child enter if he or she needs it. Our therapists are also on hand to help lift your child in other areas should the need arise.

Yes, absolutely. We have a full disability access changing room for you to use throughout the week with us.

Get various fun activities that can be adapted for your child's current ability and goals, plus your $400 welcome discount.

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Transforming your child's life, together

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