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Two therapists in a fun pose with one of their Swim Lab International clients at the end of their week


What makes Swim Lab International different?

If you’ve been following us on social media or checking out the rest of our site, you’ll already know that we use aquatic therapy in a way that’s totally unique, combining it with land-based therapy to help your child reach their full potential.


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A boy toddler in the foreground with dad in soft focus behind watching him

As a parent, you want to help your child develop and grow as much as possible. Using fun activities at home...

A happy toddler looking out of the pool for a toy to take back to his therapy session

We use pediatric aquatic therapy to help your child develop skills more quickly than they would with land-based therapy alone.

a boy walking on his own in Trexo on a promenade in front of the beach

At Swim Lab International, we've used Trexo to help countless children take their first steps towards independent walking.


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A girl in a pink swim cap floating on pool noodles next to her pediatric therapist in an outdoor pool

We provide a unique combination of therapies in an aquatic setting, unseen anywhere else in the world....

A blonde girl smiling as she does an arm exercise with a blue bungee rope held in front of her

If I could tell new kids anything, it would be keep doing it, keep pushing yourself to do it and you'll look at...

A witch looking over her shoulder at the camera with three plastic Halloween pumpkins lit up and floating on green water behind her

It's Halloween time and there's been some spooky goings-on at Swim Lab International. We love creating fun...

A small boy in the pool giving a high five to his therapist who is crouching at the edge


Are you ready to feel supported and empowered?

Parents tell us they feel overwhelmed, never really feeling seen, heard, or getting the answers they need to help their child grow. As a parent of a child with developmental challenges, we understand the obstacles you face, and we’re here to empower you and your child to overcome them.

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