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A small blonde haired girl sat with her therapist in front of the pool, holding her finishers certificate


Hear from some of our Swim Lab International family as they share their experiences

Want to know what it’s really like to take part in our therapy weeks? We asked some of our parents and children to share their journey so far in a short video. 


Listen to our clients sharing their experiences

“I think with the land bases sessions they can be heavy on the body but I think the water gives them a sense of liberation and a sense of independence that they don’t normally feel outside the water. That’s one of the benefits, but I think with Swim Lab it’s that the team gives them the confidence, that technique to understand how to move to get the best out of them. “

Rory and Kyle Fitzgerald

“The doctors had told us he’d never walk independently and that he’d eventually end up in a wheelchair by the age of 4. He’s 6 now and Paul, from one session, had him walking independently with a stick for a couple of yards. We owe Paul and Swim Lab so much because he came so far, he’s just scored and gone from strength to strength.”

Kelly Anne and Danny Browne

“The best decision we ever made. I was quite nervous, he’s such a young age (3) and to get progress out of him is tough but the lads had him swim in 3 days. So we felt comfortable, he felt comfortable and it was absolutely phenomenal. Definitely, I feel part of the family here, I didn’t feel alone. It’s something that you will do once and you’ll do again.”

Nicola and Oakley Oglesby

“It’s been very positive for us. The Trexo is fantastic, it has to be said, we’ve tried multiple different devices for walking, standing, movement – it’s all been good but Trexo has been the most consistent, walking in a natural pace. It gives us an idea of how he can progress through using his own devices and moving that towards consistent walking.”

Michael and Finn Dempsey

“He’s lots of sensory issues. Kasia quizzed us beforehand on things to make him comfortable, like counting. Straight away she looked at ways to introduce counting into his swimming, just to immediately settle him and make him relax and it’s working brilliantly. Even between our first session yesterday and today, he is flying in the water.”

Christine and Alex Farrell

“It’s just been transformational for Osian really. It’s not just about the swimming, it makes his walking better and probably the most important thing is his confidence. He feels he can achieve and do things that he might not think he could. It’s been the best form of physio for him that’s had a really positive impact on him and our lives as a family.”

Kelly, Simon and Osian Pirotte

“Theo’s been swimming with Swim Lab since he was about 6 or 7 and it changed his life, to be honest. For Theo, with his Cerebral Palsy, he went from being a kid that fell over a lot, was very stooped, to all of a sudden, after 4 days of hard work, he was upright, he was able to run which he wasn’t able to do before. He’s now on the para talent programme.”

Karin and Theo Wooden

“You really do feel like it’s a team effort. You can tell they’ve done all of their background on the kids because they really do know their stuff. After the first two days she really gave Kris her trust and allowed him to start working on her and she’s made great strides. We’ve taken some independent steps for the first time here.”

George and Penelope Vasili

“I’m Ciara, I live in Germany. I come to Swim Lab because I have fun and I improve my swimming. I swim with Kris, he knows how I can swim and where he can help me, so it’s good. My favourite is front crawl and butterfly. I’ve been swimming with Swim Lab since I was 8, I would like to swim in the sea without help. Remember with Swim Lab, there are no limits!”

Ciara Sandrini

“He definitely has far more stamina than he could possibly have had, and he can do things like go swimming with a friend, it has made a massive difference. It’s about his own self-worth, self-belief, self-confidence and of course all the physical benefits, the flexibility, just to be free in his body’s movements and you can really see that.”

Camei and Zaki

“My coaching is going well. My coaches are really nice, and what I’m enjoying the most is swimming. It’s good for my hemiplegia to stretch and they help me a lot. 
Swim Lab’s helped me a lot with how I progressed to manage my hemiplegia and they’re also actually really good with my diabetes as well.”

Osian Pirotte
A teenage boy sat on the edge of the pool, leaning forward holding his therapists hands, ready to dive in


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