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We release dates on the 4th of July each year to book for the following year, but we also run a waiting list if you want to try and get in sooner.


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On the 4th of July each year, we release the dates for the following year. For example, in July 2023, we release the dates for 2024. 

We don’t currently work directly with insurance companies. However, you’ll receive an invoice upon booking which you can use to claim back your fees for our therapy weeks. 

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities supplies funding for students with disabilities to thrive in the state of Florida.

They can be used to help offset the cost of various programs, including therapies with approved centers like Swim Lab International.

If you qualify, you can access up to $7,200  a year to help subsidize your therapy weeks. 

To see full details and find out more about the application process, visit

We do this early on to help us plan our team schedule, so you have access to the right therapist or therapists at the right time.

We ask you for some quite detailed information as soon as you register to make sure we assign the best therapist to suit your child’s specific needs.

We’ll contact you nearer the start of your week for current information about your child’s abilities, requirements and goals, so we can plan your individual sessions in more detail.

Even if you’re a repeat client, it’s amazing how much can change in a short space of time so we need to learn about any progress you’ve made, find out if there have been any growth spurts or changes, if you have new goals and any other new information which may be relevant.

Swim Lab International does not arrange flights and accommodation. However,  you’ll find plenty of options via sites such as Airbnb and in Ponte Verda Beach itself or Jacksonville Beach.

Domestic and International flights arrive daily, coming into Jacksonville International, Orlando or Tampa airports.

You’ll also find plenty of choices for car hire companies, including our favorite, Avis. 

Of course, you can bring the whole family. It’s an ideal opportunity to enjoy downtime together, relax or explore the local area.

However, please remember that the therapy sessions during our week are a priority, and other activities should be planned around that schedule allowing time for rest in between.

We encourage you as a parent to be present for the sessions so we can share our knowledge. You and your children can use the pools and tennis courts for an additional fee, or have swimming or tennis lessons which can be ideal for siblings.

For those looking to make the most of your family time, it’s possible to incorporate some days at Disney World at the end of your holiday, as it’s only 2 hours away.

Things can change quickly, from growth spurts to ability and even changes to your goals.

It’s close enough to your week to be current and up-to-date but allows the time we need to do any additional research to ensure we give you the best possible support.

We may contact you for more information from your existing therapists or practitioners at home, all of which takes time to come through. We can then choose or create activities suited to your needs and put together your tailor-made schedule.

You know your child better than anyone. We include you in the planning process to make sure we support you as a family as well as give the best therapy solutions to help achieve your goals.


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